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Most important ISDN-related packages and utilities
Note that for an external ISDN adapter, you do NOT need this package or any of
the related ones. This is only for use with an internal ISDN adapter.
Choosing this package will select the most frequently used components.
The current version of isdnutils is split up into component packages, to make
it easier to fine-tune what is installed; hardly anyone needs everything.
However, it's not possible to automatically select what is needed
This is a dependency package to ease installation, and choosing this selects
the most important new packages. After installation, this package can be
safely removed.
The component packages selected by this are:
isdnutils-base basic set of ISDN utilities.
ipppd for networking over ISDN with syncPPP.
isdnlog for logging ISDN calls (and much more).
isdnutils-xtools for X ISDN apps (currently only xisdnload and xmonisdn)
isdnvboxserver ISDN answering machine, things needed on the server system.
isdnvboxclient ISDN answering machine, client side (vbox).
Not selected (although dselect will suggest some) are:
isdnutils-doc for extensive documentation (basic docs are of course
included with each package).
isdneurofile file transfer over ISDN with the special eurofile protocol.
capiutils CAPI utilies.
pppdcapiplugin a plugin for the normal ppp daemon that uses CAPI to
communicate over ISDN.
libcapi20-3 shared library package needed by CAPI applications (will be
selected automatically when needed).
libcapi20-dev libcapi20 development files.
isdnactivecards firmware for mostly active ISDN cards, and other related
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