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# example /etc/ppp/ip-down.d script for use with ipppd and dynamic IP numbers.
# Edit / add to the entries to suit the requirements of the interface.

# Use the network to enable the IP dynamic hack to reset old connections.
# For a smaller set of dynamic numbers:
# PPP_NET=`echo $PPP_LOCAL | sed 's,\.[0-9]*$,.0/24,'`
# in case your ISP has a large pool of dynamic numbers (should be OK):
PPP_NET=`echo $PPP_LOCAL | sed 's,\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*$,.0.0/16,'`

case "$PPP_IFACE" in
      ippp0)      if route -n | grep '^0\.0\.0\.0' | grep -q " $PPP_IFACE" ; then
                    # only reset default route if the
                    # current default route is via this interface
                    route del default
                    # route add default netmask 0 $PPP_IFACE   # usually necessary
                    route add default netmask 0 gw $PPP_REMOTE # usually necessary
            # The next lines are for simple firewalling.
            # See comments in /etc/isdn/device.* about firewalling!
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p TCP  -d $PPP_NET 1000:
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p TCP  -d $PPP_NET ssh
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p TCP  -d $PPP_NET smtp
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p TCP  -d $PPP_NET ident
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p UDP  -d $PPP_NET 1024:
            #ipchains -D input -j ACCEPT -i $PPP_IFACE -p ICMP -d $PPP_NET
            #ipchains -D input -j DENY   -i $PPP_IFACE
    # add more ipppX cases if you need them...

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